Power of One Report - May 2020

Power of One Report

Success in BNI is directly tied to the Five Key Fundamentals of BNI Success. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE POWER OF ONE. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the BNI Chicago Loop Region members listed below who scored 60 or more points in May 2020. You are directly contributing to the health of your chapter and the profitability of your chapter members!

Each Power of One element is scored out of a maximum of 20 points.

1. CEUs (One hour = One CEU). There are easily 6 CEUs for completing the online MSP. Goal: Four CEUs / month

2. Attendance. Goal: 100%

3. One-to-ones. Goal: Four one-to-ones / month

4. Referrals. Goal: Four referrals / month

5. Visitors. Goal: One visitor / month

BNI - Integrity Networking Group Torriente Toliver 100
BNI - Chicago Professional Referrals Timothy Wojnar 90
BNI - Integrity Networking Group Aaron Gang 85
BNI - Integrity Networking Group Daniel R. Hernandez 85
BNI - Referral Exchange Lydia Gray 85
BNI - Referral Exchange Randy Ford 85
BNI - Chicago Professional Referrals Tionna Van Gundy 80
BNI - Integrity Business Advisors Jim Saranteas 80
BNI - Integrity Networking Group Laurie Bish 80
BNI - Referral Exchange Christopher Hux 80
BNI - Referral Exchange Jared Reynolds 80
BNI Driven Leaders for a Better Community Lisa La Boriqua, ADT Lisa 80
BNI - Chicago Professional Referrals Jamie Snydel 75
BNI - Integrity Business Advisors Jaclyn Beattie 75
BNI - Integrity Networking Group Jen Vest 75
BNI - Opportunity Partners Jason Rosado 75
BNI - Opportunity Partners Kevin Crowell 75
BNI - Professional Community Connections Jackie Mack 75
BNI - Referral Loop Stephanie Guerre 75
BNI - Business Growth Partners Sharon Lynch 70
BNI - Professional Community Connections James Ardito 70
BNI - Referral Exchange Olin Eargle 70
BNI - Referral Exchange SJ Chapman 70
BNI - Third Coast Closers Sabrina St. Peter 70
BNI - Chicago Professional Referrals Jane Mensing 65
BNI - Fortune Finders Brian Buss 65
BNI Driven Leaders for a Better Community Christian Arias 65
BNI Driven Leaders for a Better Community Edgardo Vargas 65
BNI Driven Leaders for a Better Community Noah Robinson 65
BNI Robust Referrals Raymond Jackson 65
BNI Robust Referrals Vilija Garbonkus 65
BNI - Chicago Professional Referrals Adele Lang 60
BNI - Chicago Professional Referrals Edwin Moreno 60
BNI - Chicago Professional Referrals Marc Guillen 60
BNI - Fortune Finders Faye "Nikita" Wu 60
BNI - Integrity Networking Group Ryan Syverson 60
BNI - Networking NOW John Elias 60
BNI - Professional Community Connections Maria Cristina Torres 60
BNI - Second City Referrals Neil Hackler 60


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