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Thank you for your interest in BNI Chicago. Every member of BNI Chicago acts as a part of the marketing team for the other members of their chapter, with the aim of securing qualified business referrals for each other. Click here to see the most commonly asked questions about BNI membership.

BNI Chicago Core ValuesHow can I get invited as a visitor to a BNI meeting?  

To ensure you have a productive visit it is best to be an expected guest. This can be done a number of ways. One way is to contact our regional office and have us notify the chapter that you will be visiting. Please contact the BNI Chicago office at (312) 629-9500, send email or complete the form on the homepage. You can also be invited by a BNI member or contact a local chapter's president directly.

Where can I get a BNI Membership Application?

Click here to apply to join a BNI Chicago chapter. You may also click here to access a BNI Membership Application in PDF format.

How can I find out more about Joining BNI?  

The best way to find out about joining BNI is to visit a chapter. By visiting a local chapter you will be able to experience the culture and structure of a BNI meeting. You will also get to know the business people involved in the chapter. If the group would be a good fit for your business and your business category is open, you may apply for the position at the meeting.

New Chapters  

You should note that some professions (particularly financial advisors, P and C Insurance, residential realtors and mortgage brokers) may find it difficult to locate a chapter or forming group with an opening for their business category. To find out how we can assist you to start your own chapter, contact the BNI Chicago office at (312) 629-9500 or send email. We will be delighted to speak with you about the development of a new chapter.

Rachel Cherny, Executive Director BNI Chicago


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